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Some frequently asked questions about our hikes

Do I need to be an experienced hiker to join your events?

No! Most of the times we hike across flat, easy terrain with distances between 10 and 15 km. We do recommend you to be in a good physical condition though as we usually walk for about 3-5 hours with a few breaks in between.

Do I need to be a member to join your hikes?

No, you can just subscribe to to sign up for one of our events. We do appreciate a contribution of 2 euros to keep our online platforms up and running :)

How often does Hiking Queers Netherlands come together?

We aim to organise one hike every month. We maintain a maximum of 40 participants in order to make it logistically manageable to walk in a group, stay together on public transport etc. If a hike fills up you can join the waiting list on Meetup or wait until the next hike takes place. 

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